Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Colors for Your Home

If we could put summer decor into one word, it would be “colorful”. Summer is the perfect time to make a splash in your home using bright and cheery hues. That being said, here are the top five interior design colors in this year’s forecast:

summer home decor colors

Cobalt Blue
Blue reminds us of the ocean. It can make a statement in any home simply by adding a new lampshade, area rug, or pillow cover. It’s the little things that make such a statement without going overboard.

Exotic Orange
Energize your space by adding punches of vibrant orange in your home. Switch up your wallpaper for an orange geo pattern, create an assortment of Asiatic lilies, or go big by purchasing a new sofa or cushion cover.

Sunny Yellow
Nothing says, “Hello, Summer” more than the color yellow. Yellow can brighten your room and your boost your mood. It resembles the sun and pairs great with navy, gray, and white.

Crisp White
Breathe new life into your home by making everything white. That fresh and clean monochromatic look is classic but looks especially great when the natural sunlight shines into your home. Try this design in your bedroom or in the master bath.

Warm Gray
Gray with yellow undertones can make your space feel neutral without feeling too basic. It goes well with metallics, wood textures, as well as pastels.

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